About Our Timeshare

About Our Timeshare

Why Timesharing?

"In todays world vacations are to attitude as timeshare are to lifestyle".

"Holidays and vacations are now a need for us. In the time of great stress and tension they refuel the body and mind both emotionally and physically ". Timeshares provide flexibility, choice and offer a great way to these ever needed holidays. Today’s timeshares are about flexibility, choice and, for most, a great way to a vacation. You can experience anything from Majestic snow clad mountains of Himalayas to the sun drenched beaches of Puri. You can even spread your wings and go to any part of the world via various exchange options we have for you. At Toshali Luxury Club we give you vacations whereever and however you want them, it’s up to you ! And Toshali timeshares come in all shapes and specifications! Whatever your lifestyle . . . Toshali Luxury Club’s timeshares are the vacation of choice.

Toshali Luxury Club timeshare offers the luxury of staying in a world-class resort with all the comforts and privacy of your own home. Membership creates substantial savings over renting hotels, houses or condominiums and provides additional comfort and security too. Expect to pay far more for a hotel room and enjoy it less. With membership you’ll bask in a spacious vacation condominium with kitchen, living room, one or more bedrooms and a private balcony or patio -- even hot tubs and fireplaces are found (facilities as per the resort specifications). Don’t stop there! Resort amenities often include swimming pools, tennis courts, golf courses, health clubs, restaurants and more! Think about it. By pre-paying future accommodation expenses, you save on the rising cost of future vacations. Why not take what you now spend on vacations each year and apply it towards membership. You’ll agree the best vacations are the one’s you own!

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