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ANSWER : Toshali Luxury Club is a leading resort company of Toshali Group in India of vacation membership of Hotels and Resorts in some of the India’s most desirable locations. Having acquired all the business enterprises of Consolidated Hotels and Resorts, Toshali Luxury Club Resorts offers its members and guests an impressive portfolio of premium Hotels and Resorts in Goa, Shimla, Puri, Ratnagiri, Udayagiri, Pathrajpur, Lalitgiri, and Jasipur its flagship properties.

ANSWER : Servicing over 13000 families worldwide, ToshaliLuxury Club Resort offers agreed membership of its resorts along with access to over 4,500 across the globe through the RCI (Resort Condominiums International)Premium Points and week vacation product, the world’s largest global points-based and week based vacation exchange program.

ANSWER : RCI (Resort Condominiums International) was founded in 1974 and boasts several million members and over 4,500 resorts worldwide which positions RCI as the largest vacation membership exchange company in the world.

ANSWER : We are not only affiliated with RCI, rather one of our very prestigious Resort at Puri by the name of Toshali Sands is the first Resort in India, which receives the affiliation from RCI in 1991.

TLC Resorts partnered with RCI to bring our members the RCI Premium Points product, the world’s largest points-based vacation exchange program, providing owners with more value, more flexibility, and more choice.

ANSWER : Tourism Related Vacation Membership exchange company is the place you need to go, to organise your holidays. The exchange company will help you to space bank (save) your exchange week or exchange (swap) your exchange week to a week in another resort if you do not desire to use your week in your own membership resort. (Exchange fee applicable)

The exchange companies can help you with Bonus holidays (weeks) when and where available, information is also available from them at any time.


1. First thing you need to be a member with TLC and call your home resort. You get to use the resort you own each year for 1 week or TLC’s Premium Points.

2. An Annual Management Fee levy is an ongoing cost when you purchase a TRVM holiday. What this maintenance covers is, ground maintenance, lawns and flower beds being looked after, service of rooms after each members stay of 1 week, changes of sheets towels etc and laundering of same, covers insurance's needed to look after the property for a variety of things, like building insurance's and so on. It covers the replacement of general wear and tear on usable items like TV's and crockery, etc. It is a small price to pay each year to keep the resorts in tip top condition.

3. If you wish to exchange to another resort in India or overseas, or if you wish to save your week, you will need to contact your vacation specialist at our TLC Resorts Customer Care Department on e-mail address – info@toshaliluxuryclub.com or call us at +91 124 2563105 to organise your week to be given to the exchange company (bank) for you to space bank. Once you do this and give it to the exchange company it is there for you to use at a later date for a nominal exchange fee.

4. To use your resort or to exchange to another resort your Annual ManagementFee must be paid up to date.

5. When booking your holiday try to use alternate dates and times for travel, as all bookings in the exchange system are subject to availability. The more flexible you are, the more chances you have to get what you are looking for.

The next criteria is time for travel, again give the exchange companies 3 different week dates to use to give them the flexibility to work with. This now gives the exchange company a wider area in which to work and gives you a better chance of getting where you wish to go.

ANSWER : The cost depends on your vacation habits as these plans are tailored. Please contact a vacation specialist at our TLC Resorts Customer Care Department on e-mail address – info@toshaliluxuryclub.com or call us at +91 124 2563105.

ANSWER : With the RCI Premium Points program, you can exchange for any number of nights – 1, 3, 4, along with the suitable size of accommodation, whatever is best for you and your family.

ANSWER : Think of RCI Premium Points as currency. Each RCI resort is assigned a specific RCI Premium Points value. You spend your RCI Premium Points just like money in order to vacation across the over 4,500 resorts in the network of RCI.

ANSWER : It depends on where your membership, what you vacation membership and the frequency of time of your membership. In order to receive specific information regarding your RCI Premium Points allotment, you should discuss your current membership with a vacation specialist at our TLC Resorts Customer Care Department on e-mail address – info@toshaliluxuryclub.com or call us at +91 124 2563105.

ANSWER : For more information or to schedule member update, please contact a vacation specialist at our TLC Resorts Customer Care Department on e-mail address – info@toshaliluxuryclub.com or call us at +91 124 2563105.

ANSWER : The beauty of TLC is many travel options available to you. You can exercise your right to reserve your unit and week of purchase or use the point equivalency to reserve other accommodations within the TLC, RCI . You may Consult your vacation specialist at our TLC Resorts Customer Care Department on e-mail address – info@toshaliluxuryclub.com or call us at +91 124 2563105 to help you in finding the details.

ANSWER : Your membership enables you to enjoy your vacation Resort and the amenities of your resort during the vacation period acquiring membership or to take advantage of the travel options made available to you through RCI and your various internal exchange services.

ANSWER : You will be invoiced an Annual Management Fee to cover membership services, upkeep, improvement of furbishments, facilities, Insurances, Taxes and many more.

ANSWER : We have well trained vacation specialist at our TLC Resorts Customer Care Department,available to you from 10 am to 06 pm, Monday through Saturday and can be contactable on e-mail address – info@toshaliluxuryclub.com or call them at +91 124 2563105 to get any kind of explanation on your membership.

ANSWER : Yes. During your Home Resort Preference Period, you can move your entire fixed week point balance to the Hotel Exchange Program (HEP) for standard hotel room accommodations at participating TLC Hotels and Resorts. You canreserve as many nights in as many locations as your points will allow.

For all other questions, comments, or feedback, please use the form below :

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ANSWER : Yes. Regardless of any affiliation, your resort has with an exchange company, as a member of your time, you have the right to request the service of any affiliated exchange company you want. An exchange service is a separate and distinct optional to your acquiring membership, subject to deposit of your week or points with that exchange company.

ANSWER : RCI has affiliation over 4500 resort, those who own in the best located and preferred quality resorts to participate. If everyone has something that everybody wants, then you have a system of equitable supply and demand;which is called “Market Matching”. In addition to Member deposits, RCI obtains special blocks of quality space directly from resorts.

ANSWER : RCI vacation exchanges have a higher consistency of quality, greater flexibility. Also, instead of only having access to the inventory of one exchange company, with RCI you can access resorts that are in multiple destinations over 200 countries with more than 7500 resorts.

ANSWER : Yes, RCI gives you up to 2 years past your deposited week in which to use your week for an exchange.

ANSWER : It is suggested to make your request at least 6-12 months ahead. There are no absolute rules or guarantees for this process, as it is driven primarily by external market factors, seasonality, and ongoing changes in availability of new and existing inventory due to new developments and occasional renovations of existing properties. Probably the most important rule is to be as flexible as you can with dates and/or locations and Deposit your week early. You can send your request to RCI from as early as 1 month to 2 years.

ANSWER : No, as this will create a double booking of your unit. Should this occur, you are liable for any expenses incurred by the other guest, Exchange Company and the resort, including but not limited to alternative accommodations. No one wants this to happen, so please be careful to only bank a week with not more than one exchange company in any given use year.

ANSWER : All exchange companies having almost similar policies, once your week is deposited, it is relinquished to Exchange Company to be booked by other members, and cannot be taken back. A week is redeemed only by an exchange to either your home resort or another resort.

ANSWER : Yes, Exchange Companywill contact you immediately upon achieving a match of your request. Sometimes this is immediately when you contact them, because of available inventory they have placed in their system, and other times they have to initiate a search for you. We won’t interrupt your day as they are in the process of searching, as we know that you really want to hear from them only when they have obtained what you want. It also helps them to efficiently work for you by not having you feel that you need to call us each day/week to check on how they are doing. They are working hard for you each day, and will call you just as soon as they have the match for you.

ANSWER : All cancellation policies must be enquired at the time of reservation, so that you will not face any kind of problem after confirmation of your reservation, however if it is still required, you may approach to your respective exchange company, from whom you get the confirmation of your reservation.

ANSWER : In the event you will be a checking in past the official check-in day such as, Saturday to Saturday and Sunday to Sunday, it is your responsibility to contact the resort directly and update them accordingly. Failure to do so may result in your unit be assigned to another guest.

ANSWER : In a word, Yes. People bank online, they transfer cash online, they even buy cars and airplanes online! Well, we use the same technology that the banks use to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of your information, so you can order for vacation week on online with our company as information are available on company’s website www.toshaliluxuryclub.com. Your information is safe with us.

Also, when you check out – you can feel doubly secure if you see an let you know that you're in a secure environment, thanks to our use of payment gateway through ICICI Bank, Amex and PayPal.

ANSWER : Absolutely. With TLC, ordering online is as safe as using your credit card.

ANSWER : Although our listed price is final, you are still getting an amazing deal. At TLC, we always offer the best value by providing the most competitive price as possible.

ANSWER : Yes, All International customers once they become members, they have to follow the terms and conditions of the membership.

ANSWER : You've got a lot of choices. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex or as well as PayPal.

ANSWER : Service tax and other taxes are laws of the country to collect on all services provided.

ANSWER : There is a recession time or cooling off period of 10 days as approved by AIRDA for all developers and we follow the norms.

ANSWER : Refund policy has been described in the company’s membership agreement in terms and conditions and the time period would be followed.

ANSWER : Please contact a vacation specialist at our TLC Resorts Customer Care Department on e-mail address – info@toshaliluxuryclub.com or call us at +91 124 2563105, we will be happy to assist you.

ANSWER : Of course! Simply indicate the two addresses and along with the details prescribed in the agreement copy of the company, for this please contact a vacation specialist at our TLC Resorts Customer Care Department on e-mail address – info@toshaliluxuryclub.com or call us at +91 124 2563105 for your gift. For your protection, be sure to let your credit card issuer know that you'll be using a shipping address other than your billing address.

ANSWER : You can check this by contacting a vacation specialist at our TLC Resorts Customer Care Department on e-mail address – info@toshaliluxuryclub.com or call us at +91 124 2563105, wewill help you out. Please have your order number ready, or refer to your order confirmation email.

ANSWER : Luckily you have to tell us your age,but when you do make a purchase on our site, you need to provide us the following information :


Date of Birth:

Date of Anniversary:

E-mail address:

Details of Address required in format:

Your PAN No.:

Your ID proof:

Telephone / Mobile number:

Type of credit card you are using:

Credit card number and expiration date, or other form of payment:

You relationship with would be member and you need send a separate undertaking that you would like gift to the concern person and his spouse as member

But don't worry, the information you provide us, stays with us (like what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas) and remains confidential. We keep it all to ourselves and won't ever share or sell it to another company.

ANSWER : You can sign up for our newsletter right on the home page. Look for the sign up box at the bottom of the site and enter your email address. If you want to unsubscribe from any of our email lists, simply use the Unsubscribe link on the newsletter in the email itself.

ANSWER : A Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) or Terms and Conditions brochure is a document (or group ofdocuments) which describe a vacation product holiday’s service, including the features, benefits, cost and risks associated with that product.

TOSHALI LUXURY CLUB products and services is an exciting and innovative holiday and lifestyle program that allows Member families to own, rather than rent, future holidays at their favourite holiday destinations across India and with the affiliation of TLC with RCI,member and member family have access to over 7500 hotels and resorts around the world over 200 countriesby securing tomorrow’s holiday destinations at today’s prices, millions of families have access to wonderful holiday destinations for a fraction of the cost of membership a holiday home. In addition, Members receive a beneficial interest in the TLC’s net assets, including hotels and resort properties.

ANSWER : Members who are also members of RCI are able to book accommodation by depositing their Points and paying RCI weekly exchange fee, regardless of which location is ultimately confirmed.

ANSWER : Members are able to transfer their Membership by sale, gift, will or intestate disposition (within States of India). While Members are entitled to sell their Membership, it is important to remember that TLC Membership is a lifestyle product. Value is derived from taking holidays, and the longer you own and use your Membership the more value you receive from the savings on future holiday accommodation costs. It is not designed to generate a financial return or gain. TLC is not involved in the resale of Memberships, but the Membership you receive is transferable and can be sold at any time during the life of the Membership. When a Member applies to transfer a Membership :

The Member is required to pay a transfer fee, there cannot be any outstanding amounts on membership dues for getting exchange of vacation.

The Member selling and the new Member are responsible for paying any costs and government charges, including without limitation any stamp duty which may be associated with the transfer.

The Member must follow the Membership transfer process.

The new Member must agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of TLC membershipand sign evidence as reasonably required by TLC acknowledging the terms and conditions by which they are transfer Membership.

Any points or weeks deposited by the Member with RCI at the time of the transfer will not be transferred upon transfer or transmission of the Membership. Transfer requests must be made in the form to TLC.

ANSWER : Generally, the rights of each Member includesthe right to receive an allocation of Premium Points/ week corresponding totheir level of Membership for each year of Membership where required pay calls or installments and to comply with any other relevant conditions relating to partly paid Memberships.

ANSWER : The Companies Act expressly requires that the TLC when exercising its powers and carrying out its duties must :

Act honestly.

Exercise a degree of care and diligence by TLC.

Act in the best interest of Members and, if there is a conflict between the Members interests and TLC own interests, give priority to the Members interests.

Treat Members in the same class of Memberships equally and Members who hold Memberships in a different class fairly.

Not make improper use of information acquired of TLC to either gain an improper advantage for itself or another person or cause detriment to Members.

Ensure terms and conditions Compliance Plan meet the requirements of TLC.

Ensure that all payments out of TLC are made in accordance with terms and conditions prescribed in Agreement.

Member report to TLC any breach of or has had or is likely to have a materially adverse effect on the interests of Members, as soon as practicable after it becomes aware of the breach; and

Carry out or comply with any other duty, not inconsistent with the TLC terms and conditions that areconferred on TLC.

ANSWER : Absolutely. You have a Ten calendar day cooling off period which applies to the Upgraded Premium Points (but not your original Membership).

ANSWER : Additional Premium Points can only be purchased in amounts which will upgrade your Membership to an existing level. So a Member can purchase the additional Premium Points needed to become a higher grade points member. When you upgrade your Points, in most cases you will also be required to pay a higher membership Fee, which applies to your higher level of Membership.

The entitlement start date for your Additional Premium Points is the same date as your existing Points. Once you have paid for your Additional Premium Points which relate to the current period, you will be able to use your Additional Premium Points right away.

Your Additional Premium Points will also expire at the same time as your existing Points membership. This means that your first allotment of Additional Premium Points may expire before a two year period has passed.

Once you have purchased Additional Premium Points, you will receive those every year when you receive your other Premium Points. There is currently no maximum number of Additional Premium Points that you may acquire.

ANSWER : You can do this by contacting a vacation specialist at our TLC Resorts Customer Care Department on e-mail address – info@toshaliluxuryclub.com or call us at +91 124 2563105, we will be happy to help you out for the upgradation of your membership at your desired level.

ANSWER : Yes, you have a Ten calendar days cooling off period. If you elect to cancel your Membership during the cooling off period, TLC will refund as per norms, all monies received less Rs. 5000/- and Admin charges.Admin charges are non refundable.

To cool off you need to complete and return to us a copy of the cooling off statement which is included in PDS (Product Disclosure Statement) or give us other formal written notice of your intention to cool off. To be effective, a notice of Intention to cool off must be received byan authorised representative of TLC at the address given as to the corporate office address on the back cover of PDS (Product Disclosure Statement) by no later than 5pm on the 7th calendar day after the day you acknowledged that you received the PDS (Product Disclosure Statement), and cooling off statement (usually the day of your sales is acknowledged by our customer Care).

ANSWER : You simply contact a vacation specialist at our TLC Resorts Customer Care Department on e-mail address – info@toshaliluxuryclub.com or call us at +91 124 2563105. Our vacation specialist will help you to connect you to the vacations of your dreams, which meets your vacation lifestyle, along with the vacation membership application form.

We have the right to accept or reject any application for Membership without giving any reason for the rejection. However, we will notify you whether your application has been rejected or accepted as soon as possible after we receive your application. If your application is rejected, TLC will return your application together with your Application Moneys within seven business days.

If your application for Membership is accepted you become a Member on the date your name is entered in the Register of Members. This is usually the first day of the following month after your application has been accepted. You will receive your Membership documents as soon as possible after your Membership has been registered. You should keep these documents in a safe place.

ANSWER : Member Personal benefits are extra benefits that are provided by TLC to Members.

Personal benefits are an added extra for Members which may be added to or removed by the TLC at any time, in accordance with TLC terms and conditions.

As the name suggests, Personal benefits are personal or exclusive to Members who first purchase the Membership. This means that if you sell or give your Membership to someone else, they will not receive the Personal benefits. That is because Personal benefits are not transferable except if inherited upon the death of the Member and at the discretion of TLC.

TLC may modify or remove Personal benefits or modify the application of Personal benefits to different levels of Memberships, provided that Members who hold Memberships of the same level are treated equally and Members who hold Memberships of a different level are treated fairly.

The current Personal benefits include participation in the RCI.

TLC Vacation member Red Letter Stays

As an additional Personal benefit, from time to time discounted cash rates for hotels within Toshali Group(other than Club TLC) may be offered to Members at a discount cash rate.

ANSWER : Toshali Group Tours and Travels is a ‘one – stop travel shop’ that is dedicated to service, and to providing competitive rates on both international and domestic flight bookings, tour packages, world wide hotel stays, cruises, car hire, is provided by a third party namely, Toshali Tours and Travels. TTT was appointed to operate TLC’s Tours and Travels.

ANSWER : During check-in, Members or their guests must provide either a credit card pre-authorisation or a cash deposit to provide security for damaged or stolen items during their stay.

ANSWER : A Club Fee is payable annually towards management and maintenance fee of the TLC units and all other areas to ensure the quality of ClubProperty is maintained. For example, ongoing operating expenses, such as management fees, landscaping costs, cleaning costs, refurbishment costs and general administrative expenses are required to ensure Members continue to enjoy facilities each and every year.

ANSWER : Management Fee is complimentary on the year of joining, from the following year the member has to pay Management Fee by cheque, draft, Bank transfer, Credit or Debit card and through electronic transfers. It is important to pay Club Fees on time. Late payment of Club Fees will incur late fees and interest charges. If Club Fees are not up to date, you will not be able to make bookings and, in the case of continuing default, existing reservations will be cancelled. Continuing non-payment of Club Fees will cause your Membership rights to be suspended and can lead to the Responsible Entity taking legal action to recover the money, including by forfeiting the Membership. If, for any reason you are unable to pay your Club Fees by the due date, please contact us to discuss whether we can grant you an extension of time or arrange a payment plan.

ANSWER : As well as the cost of purchasing a Membership, all Members must pay ongoing Annual Management Fee, and may have to pay other Membership Fees if agreed for other activities or events etc.

Did you know?

Fees and costs can have a substantial impact on your ability to use your Membership. You should consider whether ongoing Management Fees and costs are affordable for you before becoming a Member. Club Fees are not negotiable.

ANSWER : Membership prices are determined by TLC and differ according to different levels of Membership and the number of Premium Points which attach to an entitlement in the level of Membership. The current cost per point and total price for each Membership level is set out for your convenient. You can speak to our vacation specialist on +91 1242563105. TLC has the right to change the prices at which Memberships are offered and issued at any time. If the prices are updated the TLC will have to disclose the new prices in a supplementary, replacement or updated PDS (Product Disclosure Statement). Special offer discounts to employees of the Developer or related entities as an employee benefit.

If you have a question that isn't answered here, please call us at Customer Care No +91 124 2563105 or send us an email at info@toshaliluxury.com and we'll be happy to answer it for you. Thank you for visiting TLC and shopping with us!

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