Personal Benefits

Member Personal Benefits

Member Personal benefits are extra benefits that are provided by TLC to Members.

Personal benefits are an added extra for Members which may be added to or removed by the TLC at any time, in accordance with TLC terms and conditions.

As the name suggests, Personal benefits are personal or exclusive to Members who first purchase the Membership. This means that if you sell or give your Membership to someone else, they will not receive the Personal benefits. That is because Personal benefits are not transferable except if inherited upon the death of the Member and at the discretion of TLC.

TLC may modify or remove Personal benefits or modify the application of Personal benefits to different levels of Memberships, provided that Members who hold Memberships of the same level are treated equally and Members who hold Memberships of a different level are treated fairly.

The current Personal benefits include participation in the RCI and DAE.

TLC Vacation member Red Letter Stays

As an additional Personal benefit, from time to time discounted cash rates for hotels within Toshali Group(other than Club TLC) may be offered to Members at a discount cash rate.

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