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Then, there is the seemingly unlimited choice of holiday destinations around the globe, in the tropical island, paradise of Bali, or the magnificent surf beaches of USA, Thailand’s, Phuket,Autralia’s gold coast, or perhaps the exotic intrigues of Puri, Shimla, Buddhist Circuit or Goa in India. No longer are you locked into a single holiday destination, or the one size a apartment, or a particular time of year for your holidays. Now you have the ultimate flexibility, the choice is yours! In addition to Toshali Luxury Club resorts, more than 7,500 resorts are available in over 200 countries through the RCI & DAE exchange programme, and all you need to do is call your Toshali Luxury Club member care who will be pleased to help you with your holiday choice. No matter what your changing tastes may be, the remarkable flexibility of The Toshali Luxury Club will satisfy your desire for product holiday vacation, year after year !


The Toshali Luxury Club has been built around providing value to its members, Firstly, the resorts in which The Toshali Luxury Club has acquired on interest have been selectively chosen to meet our demanding standards and changing needs of our members. In resorts where we do not control management of the resorts, we actively take an interest in their operation to ensure that the standards are well maintained. Because our resorts have such exceptional quality in hospitality, wherever possible, we demand and get an equivalent standard resort through the RCI & DAE exchange programme for our members utilizing the exchange system. Such quality, yet at a cost for less than you would pay on a package tour ororganized holiday.

Wonderful Holidays

We understand that the only thing that count for you at the end of the day is whether or not you had a wonderful holiday. It also counts for us, because if you are not happy, then we have failed. We guarantee that you will have a wonderful holiday on every occasion. And we’ll ensure that our Toshali Luxury Club member care will respond to you desires & needs. Any suggestion regarding your holiday experience will be investigated by our member care managers & reported back to you.

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