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Special Breaks

One way of getting the most out of your Points is to utilize the Late Break Special. By deferring your reservation request until 45 days or less before your intended arrival date you can save up to 50% on the Points value of your Toshali Luxury Club accomodation.


Every Resort has booking cancellation or apartments that may not be booked. In Toshali Luxury Club Resorts we make these vacant apartments available to our members at enormous savings to the Points value in the Toshali Points Table. The risk you take by delaying your reservation request is that the resort and apartment of your choice may not be available at the time you want it. Your Toshali Luxury Club Consultant will search the Member care system for a match close to your request, and in many instances, we will be able to satisfy that request. Even if we cannot, you can save your points until next year (saved Points must be used in the following Calendar Year).


By making your reservation request less than 45 days prior to your intended check-in date you will receive 01% to 50 % discount on the Points value of the accommodation.


A Weekend Break is 3 nights accommodation over a weekend and the cost is 60% of the full week points value. A Midweek Break is 4 night's accommodation during the midweek and the cost is 50 % of the full week Points value. Note that resort check-in days will determine the start and end day or your short Break. The Points Value for a Weekend or Midweek Break is shown in the Toshali Points Table. Late Breaks, Midweek Breaks and Weekend Breaks only apply to Toshali Luxury Club Resorts and are subject to availability.

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